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This page is powerful; it may even change the rest of the comic. Up 'til now, this has been a fairly light-hearted romp about a budding...

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Fifty Weeks at Freddy's: Chapter One
Chapter One: Security Zeal
September 10th, 2017
AKA: Week 1, Day 1
9:47 PM

Jason walked up to the restaurant, his only guide the smiling bear's face lit up be neon tubes. It was odd how different the atmosphere changed just by the time of day. When he was here not twelve hours ago, misremembering the time for his shift, it was full of life and the laughter of tiny human beings.
Now? Bleak, dark, cold, and – was that a light?
A man wielding a flashlight shined the light near Jason, then opened the door.
“Uh, hello, hello? Are you one of the new night guards?”
“Yeah, Jason. Jason Brown.”
“Great! Well, come on in, I know it looks a little, uh, spooky, but it's fine.”
As Jason stepped through those doors he was well acquainted with, and his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he saw three people sitting around a table, playing what appeared to be strip poker.
“Oh, uh, really, guys? Didn't I tell you? The other two guards
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ticks on
and I've never been alone for quite this long
am sure
if you were here you'd be beside me at this door
and me
you know I thought that'd be the story that we'd leave
And then
times changed
and now I know, my love, I'll never be the same
You were my one desire
my only hope, my only dream
You did my heart inspire
and thus your life will be my theme
then dear
you were not perfect let's just make that nice and clear
once again
You were my first, my last, and to be frank, my only friend
I will love you forever
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Fifty Weeks at Freddy's: Prologue
Prologue: Safe Haven
The video starts with nothing but a shot of an open palm, and sounds of shaking and wiggling. As the hand moves away, it uncovers the face of Jason Brown, a little smirk upon a slightly unshaven face.
“Finally got the damn thing to work. So! This fun little series I'm recording –”
Air quotes were made to emphasize how little enjoyment was had.
“– will not be just 'cause, like usual. This is an electronic will, which means that when I die, what I say should happen to my stuff after I die will happen. Pretty cool, ain't it? Now, you may be thinking, 'But Jason! You've never worried about death 'n all that stuff before! You're a big strong man –”
The arms were raised, not a bit smug, to show a trim, but well-toned physique.
“–, death should be afraid of you!' Thank you very much, and I would've agreed before now. But, as it so happens, I got a job! I know, I know, what about all that rebel against government
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I think I need help... :(
Edit 24.06.2017: Thanks to you I have now collected $130 which is 16% of the final sum!!! Thank you so much :blowkiss:
Edit 21.06.2017: Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who donated, because of your generosity I have already gathered $77 which is 9,5% of the final sum :meow:
If I could make it to even 20% I would be very happy :worship:
I will keep updating and THANK YOU!! :hug:
First, I hate asking for help.
I'm the kind of person who keeps her problems to herself and tries to find a way to figure everything out on their own. Actually works 80% of the time!! :D
When I came home from work today, I received a letter from my landlord which was the long awaited utilities statement. I usually get some money back as I live sparingly, but when I opened it the costs had risen to €800 more each year because my landlord had decided to employ a cleaning business :ohnoes:
So, now I'm here and actually need to ask for help as €800 is a lot of money for me...
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The rules are the same from the previous raffles!  In order to participate, simply
The winners will be drawn randomly from everyone who have added this journal to their favourites before the deadline.
The prizes will be:
1st place winner: 200 :points:
2nd place winner: 125 :points:
3rd place winner: 75 :points:
There will be 3 lucky winners!
 Friday, 23rd June 2017
 8PM Arizona Mountain Time
Good Luck!
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Anybody Can Write a Novel - Outline
Anybody Can Write A Novel - Outline
A Step-by-step Guide for Anyone to Learn How to Write a Novel

This is an Outline of all my current articles, and a look at what is to come. I will try to update it, at least once every two weeks. Also note that just because something is absent from the Outline does not mean I don't plan to write it. This is a compilation of only chapters that have already been written.
(You'll notice that I have neglected some points and chapters within this Outline. This this is simply a result of realizing that there is so much to learn, when it comes to writing. Don't worry, I'll be sure to come back and fill in the gaps. Also, if this list inspires any requested topics that you would like me to address, please feel free to suggest them in the comments section.)

Chapter 1– Beginning to Write
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Journey 002 - Give me Danger! by thenSir Journey 002 - Give me Danger! :iconthensir:thenSir 484 6 Magical lab - Visual novel Background by giaonp Magical lab - Visual novel Background :icongiaonp:giaonp 47 10 .Daddy Weeb. by CaramelCraze .Daddy Weeb. :iconcaramelcraze:CaramelCraze 299 21
ok please read
alright alright this one is actually serious. i know i posted something motivational like a little while ago but i felt like posting another one to keep reminding you guys of stuff
Ok. Guys. It's June. We're 6 months in 2017, 6 months left. It's been rough for everybody from what I've seen. Everybody. And I know you guys always see the "YEA I BELIEVE IN ALL OF YOU GUYS" posts but every time I post these I actually mean all of you guys. Everybody. I do not care who you are. I don't care how you view me, or how I view you, but I'm proud of everybody.
You're reading this now. Look at how far you've come, all of the trials you've overcome this year. If you get down like I do, I know you're probably thinking "Yeah right", but no. I want you to stop what you're doing right now, no matter who you are, look at yourself. 
You're you, and I don't care what you think about yourself. You're special. Literally, think about it. Nobody on the planet is exactly like
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You are beautiful
A special journal today because this week (that has just begone) already has me on an edge again. The issue here is what is art and who is an artist. The triggers where people telling others they are not, and people bringing themselves down over their own art. Both equally bad and destructive and absolutely counter productive.
Where the first are no artists themselves, because you cant create art without hart, the latter victimize themselves. So let me clear this up for you all. Once and for all, so there is no question left and you will be able to quickly link and inform people who fail themselves or others. The question being: 
What is art?
Well first and most important. Don' t compare yourself to anyone else on DA. That's a psycho trap.  Then some helpful thoughts on the subject:
1. Admiration of the work of another has nothing to do with your own work.
2. All work is individual and can only be judged upon the persons ability.
3. Art comes from the hart, a
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2 deviations
2 deviations
So, Chapter one was going longer than I planned, so I put up what I call the first half. Should I edit in the second half later, or post it as a new chapter?
Chapter One: Security Zeal

September 10th, 2017
AKA: Week 1, Day 1
9:47 PM

Jason walked up to the restaurant, his only guide the smiling bear's face lit up be neon tubes. It was odd how different the atmosphere changed just by the time of day. When he was here not twelve hours ago, misremembering the time for his shift, it was full of life and the laughter of tiny human beings.

Now? Bleak, dark, cold, and – was that a light?

A man wielding a flashlight shined the light near Jason, then opened the door.

“Uh, hello, hello? Are you one of the new night guards?”

“Yeah, Jason. Jason Brown.”

“Great! Well, come on in, I know it looks a little, uh, spooky, but it's fine.”

As Jason stepped through those doors he was well acquainted with, and his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he saw three people sitting around a table, playing what appeared to be strip poker.

“Oh, uh, really, guys? Didn't I tell you? The other two guards are female!”

“Yeah, you told us. We're just not classy and gently-mannish like you.” The one without a shirt used a lot of gesturing while explaining his partial nudity. Then he turned to Jason and smiled. “Hi. The name's Mike Schmidt., that guy's Jeremy Fitzgerald, and he's Fritz Smith”. Mike gestured in turn to the pale man who had no pants, but had thankfully kept his boxers, and the darker-skinned man who only appeared to have lost his tie.

“Jason Brown. Nice to meet you... even though I'd prefer it with more clothes.”

Mike chuckled, and Jeremy started guffawing; Fritz, however, started to look down, as though being caught without a tie was just as shameful as being nude. The man with the flashlight coughed.

“Yeah, so would I. Anyway, seeing as you've met them, my name's –”

“Phone Guy!” The others chorused, cutting him off.

Jason was bewildered. “Why 'Phone Guy'? That seems like kind of a stupid name.”

Jeremy spoke up. “Well, yeah, it kinda is. But, dude, this guy, he like, never showed his face to us. Only left some recordings on the, y'know, landline, every night.”

“It was really bad by the time I was hired.,” Mike interrupted. “Sometimes he'd ramble on for half an hour or more before getting to something that was actually worthwhile. Most of the time, though, he'd just list off horror stories and getting his facts mixed up. Real helpful in the dead of night with those guys wandering around,”pointing a thumb at the opened-curtain show stage, “jerking every time their servos locked for more than a minute.”

Jason looked over at the show stage. The only one he could see up there, and it was only by his weirdly glowing eyes, was Freddy.

“Okay, yeah, I admit, recording those probably didn't soothe you all that much. Especially, uh, that one time I, um, decided to record at work... and I had a heart attack...”

Jason cut in, “That sounds terrible. Where they really that bad, or was it just ridiculously unfortunate timing? And, minor note, where are the other animatronics?”

“No, it was actually health issues, so, like, it's why I look... some people have said deflated. And don't worry about the robots. They usually just wander around, do their own thing.”

“Then how do we guard them? I mean, you gotta know where something is to guard it, right?”

“That's why we have the security cameras.”

There was a knock at the door, and the guards' eyes noticed the two female employees for the first time.

“Ah! Let me just, uh, go let them in. Um, Fritz, could you show... actually Jeremy, you go, you have the fewest clothes on. I warned you guys. Go show Jason his, uh, room and suit.”

Jeremy ushered Jason along toward the “Employees Only” door as Phone Guy greeted the two with his signature “Hello, hello!” Jeremy put a key in the lock to open it, instead of relying on Freddy, as Jason had before.

As soon as they walked on the stage, why he did that was obvious. The bear, although still on, hadn't even moved from his place. Jeremy made no mention of it, instead going through the back door and turning down the hallway.

“So, like, don't get me wrong on this, Phone Guy's great, loves us all equally, guard or robot. But the dude's seriously overbearing, you haven't even heard the half of it yet. I mean, like tonight, why do we need to wear pants? If we're doin' our job right, nobody would know!”
“Yeah, sure, sure. So what's this about my own room?”

“Oh, you mean this?” Jeremy gestured to a door that was indeed marked “Jason Brown: security guard”, although as Jason stepped through, he was severely underwhelmed.

There was almost nothing in it, except a desk with a laptop and a chair.

“It's so neat, right? Your uniform's even in the bottom drawer. Might want to put it on. Say, why didn't you have it before you came here?”

“Uh... my roommate. Yeah, he's got a real problem with the color purple.”

“Heh, yeah, some people are weird.” Jeremy made no mention that he was proudly standing in almost sleepwear before a new employee.

Ms. Chavez, however, did. “Mr. Fitzgerald! Have you no shame? This is no way to greet a new guard!”

Jeremy immediately stood at as much attention as one could while in boxers. “No, Ms. Chavez, ma'am!”

She pointed to Jason and scolded “If you must insist on not bringing your suit home, you must be expedient about putting it on the first thing when you get here. This is a business. And you!” she whipped to Jeremy, “Go put the rest of your suit on by ten or you can go outside in that until midnight for all I care!”

As she left, Jeremy turned to Jason. “When I said 'no', I actually meant I had no shame. Don't think she took it that way, do you?”

Jason smiled. Oh, this was going to be fun.

When all the required clothes had been put on, the stepped back out into the main lobby to discover a large circle around Ms. Chavez. They joined the other security guards just as her watch switched to 10. She lifted her head to yell at them for not being there, then stopped.

“Congratulations. Everyone managed to make it here in time with all their clothes. Now, as manager, it is my duty to introduce everyone who may have not met our new additions, human or robotic.

“Our oldest member has requested that he keeps his monicker of 'Phone Guy', for some reason that eludes me. He is the head security guard, and thus person you turn to if a problem occurs. I trust him implicitly, and he has the highest rank below Manager.” She smirked slightly, as if proud she was above someone older than her.

“The next in rank is Mike Schmidt, the last security guard at the old location and quite knowledgeable, if sometimes more casual than I'd prefer.
“Fritz Smith is actually the lowest rank in guarding, but he is the top person to go to when something technical breaks down. Do not attempt to fix yourself, he has years of experience.” Jason wryly noted that the comment was directed very much at him, as if she was expecting a reaction. He would not give one.

“Scottie Clarkson is a new employee to us, but was at one point hired by a rival company which apparently managed to rip off the design and behavior of the animatronics. They weren't in business for long. We welcome her warmly.” Ms. Chavez only preformed a golf clap, but the guards and animatronics alike were more enthusiastic.

“Jeremy Fitzgerald was employed shortly before Fritz Smith at one of our previous locations, but was untimely cut off for... what was it, again?”

“Called in a sick day when all I wanted to do was get roaring high,” his smile faltered as he continued, “on the... well, frankly, the worst day possible.” After this he was uncharacteristically somber.

“Oh, yes.

“Jennifer Martin is also a new recruit, and we are very glad to have her. She's a bit introverted, but she should fit in well.

“And this is Jason Brown, by far one of our more... eccentric guards.”

She was making his efforts to keep cool extraordinarily difficult.

“Let me introduce our newer members to the animatronics, then I pass on the job of securing the building to you.
As you are likely aware, as it is nigh-everywhere on dA, June is Pride Month, a month to display your against-the-norm sexuality, your transgenderism, or your support of these people.

But why should this be a pride month for just that?

This pride month, I am proud of what everyone has done in order to better the world and make it unique.

I am proud of you.

I am awestruck by your gifts and talents, and, let's be honest, a little jealous. You are a unique and wonderful person, a great friend, and a true companion. You've supported mourners, mourned others yourself, shown true courage, and maybe even had a bit of fun. You laugh. You cry. You are a real, relateable human being that people can find inspiration and hope in.

But your life isn't done.

You still have time to do whatever you feel needs to be done in order to improve the world, to make a true change, not just for a few hours, days or weeks. You have the opportunity to make your name and your legacy something we all say with a smile. Buddha. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mother Theresa. Jesus Christ. They all started where you likely are: wanting to make a difference. And you can, and you will.

So thank you. I'm so proud of you. Let's go celebrate Pride Month be proud of everyone.


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Hello! ... to be honest, I have no idea what I put in this thing.


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